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    Surface 2.000 mq
    Involved people 40
    Average turnout per year 150.000 visitors

    Cascina Cuccagna

    After thirty years of decay, a forgotten building turns into a destination for the whole city thanks to a project of restoration excellence. Meeting and educational spaces, social gardens, a workshop: a group of citizens and associations livens up the place, proving the positive impact for the entire community of this virtuous investment.

    Part of the coordinating consortium from the first day, esterni fosters the rural history of the farmhouse taking care of the guest house and of a real food-mile kitchen. An activity with a complex management, involving more than 40 people every day, that promotes the structure through a model of full economic sustainability.


    The enormous spaces of the Ansaldo steelworks have been waiting for a new vocation for a long time. esterni takes part in the innovative cultural project that has reopened the old workshops to the public and the creative industry of the city. Today the place is a base for workshops, events and exhibitions.

    As in Cascina Cuccagna, an original bar-bistro gives one more reason to experience the space and offers further economic activities. un posto a BASE is a project conceived and managed by esterni, to service a place with an international approach, imagined as a driver of collective growth.

    Surface 12.000 mq
    Involved people 55
    Average turnout per year 500.000 visitors
    Hosted companies 24 (88 involved people)

    Surface differend places in the city
    Involved people 42
    Average turnout per year 80.000 visitors

    Milano Film Festival

    Why shall we organize a film festival? Because of our passion for international cinema, in the first place. And because the event can be an opportunity to transform urban spaces and experience them in a different way during the evenings of the kermesse.

    The Milano Film Festival has been a production by esterni since 1995. Over time it has grown to become one of the main cinema events both at local level and beyond, thanks to the collaboration with public and private organizations. Projections often invaded the public space of Milan or rediscovered venues in the city, inviting thousands of people and enthusiasts to rethink their use.

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    The book celebrating the twenty years of our cultural enterprise is a guide to a city still under construction, inspired to a public design ideal.

    A rare example of dialogue and sharing: the common platform that gathers the local realities operating on film culture in the city.

    A provocation on the issue of public space: the outdoor installation that became a symbol of our way to interpret the city.

    International hosts coming to Milan to take part in festivals. Citizens offering them a place to sleep. Another trend we anticipated.

    How to promote viable solutions for a different mobility, through guerrilla communication techniques. A week of street activism.

    Gathering thousands of young people in the street (or under a tunnel) has helped us in regaining possession of unusual spaces.

    Our experimental artistic festival anticipated the new ways of expression emerging at the crossroad of sounds, images and technologies.