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    info@esterni.org — Tel 02 54 019 076

    Developers, managers,

    investors: activators.

    In any place, we help the common good come out. In a building we see a meeting place. In a space we see an opportunity for a handshake.

    In our projects, our starting point is the place itself, whose meaning we always respect.

    We believe in listening – to history, to stories – and in the power of insight. We believe in profit and in the advantages we can produce for the benefit of all: owners, participants, the community.

    We think, rethink, create and manage spaces – we are eager to invest in their development.

    We use culture, in all its languages. We know how to combine responsibility and lightness, genius and regulations. We feel the urge to do something unexpected, but necessary.

    Wherever we see an opportunity, in Italy and abroad, we try to show that the best growth is mutual growth – through places.



    We intervene in existing venues and transform them. We design and carry out innovative projects and tailored solutions to manage architectural and urban complexities and to enhance the building stock and social heritage.

    • Esta es una plaza (2008)

    • Bed Sharing



    We produce temporary community engagement initiatives.

    We offer advice and training on issues like the activation of places and their inhabitants.

    • Street Parties

    • ETHICAL SIGNALS (1999)



    We manage events, actions and festivals that require a complex organization and target a wide and diverse audience.

    We invest in local formats as potential managers and counselors.

    • Public Design Festival ('95-'15)

    • Audiovisiva (2003-2017)

    Respect for the context

    Every project is structurally unique and unrepeatable.
    All of our actions respect the meaning, history and shape of places. They consider the needs of present and future stakeholders. They leave room to innovative, public-spirited ideas.

    Sustainable impact

    We produce a profit for a place’s owner and for the community of inhabitants and townspeople.
    Our projects must make a difference: generating a social, environmental and cultural change, producing a mutual long-term economic growth.