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    Milano Film Festival

    Milano Film Festival

    For over 20 years, esterni has been organizing the biggest cinema event in the city. An opportunity to experience places through new visions.

    Milano Film Festival has been produced by esterni since 1995.

    A major film event in the city – supported by Milan City Council and MiBACT – it is a platform for independent international filmmaking. Every year, in collaboration with public and private organizations, MFF offers the city a plural, diverse, international program, resulting from a year-long research. Its projections gives the opportunity to give new visions to the urban venues.

    Milano Film Festival is a funding partner of Milano Film Network (MFN), a project which connects 7 Milanese festivals, implemented with the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo.

    In 2015, Milano Film Festival received a prestigious prize, called Ambrogino d’Oro, which is awarded to worthy public-spirited figures and organizations in Milan.

    Opening year
    Founding member of Milano Film Network
    International platform for indipendent cinema