09. Pod Mostom - Kosice
An urban regeneration project in Kosice, European Capital of Culture 2013, which turned an abandoned urban space into a new public square.
After Madrid, Vienna and Guimaraes esterni was invited in Kosice (the European Capital of Culture 2013), from the 5th to the 14th July 2013, in order to develop a new project of urban regeneration. The intervention, realized in collaboration with Atrium Studio, transforms an abandoned space in a place at the disposal of all citizens.

The location
In only ten days, the team of esterni realized an urban intervention in an abandoned area under a large road bridge, or to use the Slovakian term, a "Pod Mostom", to connect three important and heterogeneous areas of the city: a residential district, an area of public housing and one of the largest Rom communities in Eastern Europe.

The bridge, a symbol of cultural and social mixture left unused until that time, has been transformed in a place of meeting and socialization for everyone, ranging from the young to the travelers, from sportsmen to locals.

The project
In collaboration with Atrium Studio, the staff of esterni, together with the volunteers, has built an amphitheater with a wooden seating system, a space for projections, a stage for concerts, a café area and an area for sports activities with a skate ramp.

The result of the urban regeneration is a project transforming an abandoned space in a resource for the whole community, which is not only a temporary installation but which can be enriched and can be developed in time, with the participation of locals and people who live that portion of the city every day.



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